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I only read the novel after watching the anime so I was disappointed with this part in the novel after the legendary comeback in anime. I HOPE they will.

Her humor is on point - not juvenile nor dry - and the angst is even more delicious. She always gives satisfying and logical conclusions, not leaving the readers empty or feeling frustrated.

Check out pipi. Her novels are all posted on jjwxcand as of writing, she is the top author in the list. She is among the Great God-level authors in Jinjiang. A shameless but wise investigation chief, and a reserved but very passionate professor. There are a total of three radio drama seasons.

A donghua will be produced in the near future. Very political and plot-heavy. The world building is commendable. The pairing have seven years age gap; a very capable, blind-deaf esteemed general and a gentle, intelligent prince.

Danglars complete. Watch the donghua PV here.

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Radio drama is ongoing also picked up by Ainushi! A drama will be produced in the near future as well. Completed in A thuggish policeman and a flirtatious and nonchalant rich second-generation.

Radio drama completed with 4 seasons. PV 2 with Eng subs can be found here! Intense, splendid, breathtaking. A cultivation story about how a declining sect is restored by a narcissist, a troublemaker, a meanie, an idiot and a wimpy kid. Modern city, loads of angst. Bittersweet past memories mixed up with the current, the pain of the inability to overcome the harsh obstacle of what is called reality. A tale about the former leader of a special organization served under royalty, now leaving his past life behind and unintentionally getting involved with the martial world.

A clan patriarch who is a recently hired government staff, and an Emperor from a previous dynasty recently awakened by an unknown party. Pride and suspicion have pushed them even further, only for them to finally realise, the peace during childhood was the thing we chase after all this time.

Inserted with a side CP: a stubborn and pesky gong X a playboy shou. Western fantasy, main character is whisked away into the present time, faced with the threat of a weakening border that protects the land from the dangerous unknown.

A story of reconciliation and reunion after separation—picking up the pieces and starting anew. As you can see, she really has a diverse set of writing. She has a lot more books written and many will be adapted to other forms of media. But when you travel in the Mortal Realm you might come across Hua Cheng again. Maybe he was kind to you But you should never let your guard down. Scream into a pillow, offer sacrifices to the nearest tumblr deity, grab some tea.The first was led by the Four Great Sects and hundreds of smaller clans, ending in Wei Wuxian's death and the massacre of the Qishan Wen Sect remnants.

The second siege was intended to defeat Wei Wuxian once and for all; it ended with nearly no loss of life. In the novel, however, the Burial Mounds of Yiling refer to a mountain across the Long River from Yunmeng, still within the confines of the modern Hubei province. Its location coincides with the location of the Battle of Yiling in real life. Throughout the mountain, skeletal remains can be found poking up from the soil from the sheer number of bodies buried here.

Crude houses line the mountain, partially demolished and burned from the First Seige. After the First Siege, four evil-suppressing statues from the four great sects were erected around the mountain; after the Second Siege, they had all been demolished.

At the top of the mountain is a cave with a mouth of at fifty feet wide — the Demon-Slaughtering Cave, in which Wei Wuxian was rumored to have carried out his wicked acts. Allegedly an old battlefield, the Burial Mounds was famed as a haven for walking corpses and vengeful ghosts. It resisted the Qishan Wen Sect's purification attempts multiple times, until they were forced to close it off. He developed a method to control Fierce Corpses and persuade ghosts to do his bidding.

Wei Wuxian renounced his role in Yunmeng Jiang Sectand promptly began a life building houses and planting potatoes to eat and sell alongside the Wen Remnants. After Wei Wuxian's death, one hundred and twenty stone beasts were erected on the Burial Mounds.

Although many soul-summoning rituals were conducted, none could summon his soul even after thirteen years. Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji returned to the Burial Mounds upon learning that Jin Guangyao had spread rumors that numerous corpses had begun heading towards Yiling. Unfortunately, after freeing the juniors, they discovered that a second siege had begun.

Unfortunately, the first wave of corpses arrived, controlled by the Stygian Tiger Seal. As they fought against the first wave of corpses, the cultivators quickly lost their spiritual powers.

At Nie Huaisang 's urging, the cultivators then retreated to the Demon-Slaughter Cave, and Lan Qiren repaired the seal to hold back the corpses. Once safe, several cultivators accused Wei Wuxian of sealing their spiritual powers. He quickly deduced that the culprit was actually Su Sheand that he had used the same means by which Jin Guangyao had killed Nie Mingjue: music. Lan Wangji used Bichen to trick Su She into drawing Nanpingrevealing that he still had spiritual power.

Having been exposed, Su She used a Transportation Talisman to escape.

yiling laozu anime

Soon, however, a second wave of corpses began to break through the seal. The cultivators had only the juniors, Wei Wuxian, and Lan Wangji to defend them with spiritual energy. Eventually, to survive the onslaught of corpses, even the cultivators joined in, using their sharp blades as physical weapons.

yiling laozu anime

When it seemed all of them were spent of both physical and spiritual energy, another wave of corpses broke into the Demon-Slaughtering Cave. Wei Wuxian then used a Spirit-Attraction Flag to allow everyone else the chance to escape. The juniors, however, refused. When the siege ended, the "blood corpses" dissolved into ash, and hardly any living cultivators had been lost.

This wiki. This wiki All wikis. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Categories :. Universal Conquest Wiki.Mianmian: "I read many books and most of them say that once the spirits settle inside the Shoucang Zhe, the only way for them to get out is by casting a grand spell or creating a first-class weapon.

But that will only take out the spirits from the pouch to be trapped once again in another container the weapon or to be eternally destroyed the spell. Mianmian nods: "I found one script that talks about a man that was able to do that.

Yiling Patriarch -- Speechless

According to their account, the man used the grand spell route and created a talisman that turns back time. Mianmian nods: "I don't think they mean returning to the past.

From the description I read, the talisman returns things into their original form. He basically returned the Shoucang Zhe he had to what it was: a scrap of fabric and a bunch of spirits. Wuxian: "How did that happen? Didn't you say that the grand spell destroys the energy in the Shoucang Zhe?

Mianmian shrugs: "I don't know. That's what's so confusing. I got the script that describes the talisman. Since you're the most prolific talisman-based cultivator I know, I thought you might be able to figure it out. She takes out a thin script and hands it to Wuxian. The smaller man takes it and sifts through it: "This is very complicated.

Wuxian sets the script aside and holds the Shoucang Zhe: "We need to secure this. Biming will definitely come for it. Mianmian smiles sadly at him: "Grandmaster Qiren, my husband and daughter are in there. Please be careful.

Wangji pushes the smaller man out: "Healer Shi said that you've been burning more energy moving around and using your gifts and weapons.

Stats royale chest tracker

You will exhaust your body if you don't eat more. Zewu Jun laughs at the couple as they disappear out the door. He hasn't spoken to Wuxian about the misunderstanding that happened before they unsealed his spirit container. He senses Wangji's anger at him even though he is still respectful and Wuxian never brought it up.

The Oracle will resume his duties of welcoming the sick and needy next week and he wanted to clear the air before they returned to work. He just didn't know how. After stuffing his face with more food than he cared to eat, Wangji finally set Wuxian free. The smaller man sat alone with the rabbits in Little Sanctuary. Jinhai enters the garden and bows to Wuxian: "You summoned me?

Wuxian gestures with his hand for Jinhai to join him on the ground between the rabbits. After a few minutes of silence, Wuxian says in a low voice: "Jinhai, have you ever had something in life that meant more than anything to you?

Wuxian pets the few rabbits sleeping in his lap and says: "These rabbits were born in the cold cave; the sacred place in Cloud Recesses where the treasure of Gusu Lan was kept for many years. Lan Yi, the first woman to ever lead a cultivator clan, believed that they are the reincarnation of your ancestors who joined her in her captivity to console her. When her spirit finally passed, they followed Wangji and I out of the cave and we took care of them. Wuxian looks softly at him: "As you know, Cloud Recesses has many rules.

One of them prohibits having pets. Lan Wangji never willingly broke any rule before we decided to hide these rabbits in the back mountain.

Mo Dao Zu Shi Episode 15 Discussion

After I died, he took care of them religiously.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. We have new magnet and pin thank-you gifts for those who are able to make a donation!

The Woods 2. The Cave 3. The Song 4.

yiling laozu anime

The Return 5. The Choice 6. The Mountain. Thirteen years after the death of Yiling Laozu, a ghostly flute plays in the hills above Lanling, and those who are outside to hear it are never seen again. When, lo, as they reached the mountain's side, A wondrous portal opened wide, As if a cavern was suddenly hollowed; And the Piper advanced and the children follow'd, And when all were in to the very last, The door in the mountain side shut fast. See the end of the chapter for more notes. Music that pierced the heart, wound like wire between the ribs, and pulled.

yiling laozu anime

In their huts and villages, the people shut their doors at night and stuffed their ears with wax, but heard the music in their dreams. Soaring notes of endless sorrow, and terrible rage.

And those the flute caught outside the safety of hearth and home? Well, the ones who followed the music into the dark did not return again. Whispers began, hushed and furtive, over drinks as diners paid early and hurried home before the sunset. And softer, more furtive still, dared only on market days full of sunlight, other whispers marked by shrill and nervous laughter.

As if laughter might hold back the fear of it being true. But the flute played on in the hills, and one by one, people followed it and were never seen again. Cultivators came from Koi Tower, all glitter, shining in cream and gold as though to drive away the shadows of fear with their glory alone.

For three days and three nights, they scoured the haunted hills, afraid of nothing. What beast or unquiet dead would dare to stand against the Jin? With them came the Jin heir himself, young and vivid with the desire to prove himself worthy, striving against the weight of expectation too vast for his narrow shoulders.

He threw off sparks of righteous ambition in every direction. This monster had taken his people and heJin Ling Rulan, would be the one to destroy it. On the third night of the hunt, Jin Ling lay awake in his bed. Surely it was only his imagination, conjuring up phantom music to play with his tired mind. He was not a child, to be frightened of the dark. Furious with his own ears, he rubbed them hard, as if they were somehow to blame for his sleeplessness.

Rolling out of bed, Jin Ling dressed, even arranging the fine golden chains in his own hair so that it would look like he was awake on purpose.

A powerful cultivator entrusted not only with helping him catch the monster, but with protecting him from it. Jin Ling took a deep breath, steeling himself, and knocked on the door.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

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Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. We have new magnet and pin thank-you gifts for those who are able to make a donation! Hanguang-jun decides to save the maddened Yiling Laozu from his demonic possession by sacrificing his virginity. Unfortunately Wei Wuxian hates him to the guts, yet as Lan Wangji saves the little A-Yuan, he slowly changes his mind.

The love to the child brings them closer to each other, and they act like a small family before they even realise it Jiang Cheng, Nie Huaisang and Lan Wangji decide to team up to go back in time to protect the people they love. What happened to Wei ying when he was dead 13 years ago? Was he sad and grieving because of all the cultivators he killed? Was he resenting himself and putting all the blame to himself from the death of his love ones?

Or was he rejoicing and happy that he won't get to live and be bothered from the human realm ever again? What would happen to his story, if he met the Ghost King way back when he was just a toddler? What would happen to Wei Ying if he finds out that he was going on a mission to find this Dianxia and met the Demon King along in his journey?

Take off my husbands face you bastard," Wei Ying spat out, crossing his arms childishly at his not husband husband. Not only that but everyone from Wen Ruohan to Guanyin Temple come back too, sounds nice right? Well, not really when everyone remembers what happened and is now wondering two things: Why their dead family, friends, and foe are alive and kicking; and how Wei Wuxian is back in his old body wearing a god awful outfit and short hair.

Thus ensues Wei Ying explaining he's from the future and then goes on to tell everyone how life is in the said future; it's sweet and soft but some where along the talks there are more serious, somber ones that have to be told too - and a few apologies to the not Wei YingWei Ying. Bad things happen so Wei Wuxian creates an array to send he and Lan Wangji back to their births.

It doesn't go well for Wei Wuxian. Long wait. But lots to do in the mean time. And those words morph into the hurt that comes with being a forgotten one, with only broken promises as his company. It is like the chill that comes from losing a golden core, that is almost reminiscent to the coldest of winters in the streets of Yiling, and it is like the hunger in his gut, insaitable, feral, a wild fire that cannot be curbed.

And he wonders if this is the price for going down a heretic path, for his arrogance and naivety.Hide Ads Login Sign Up. Forum Settings Episode Information Forums. Mo Dao Zu Shi. What do i need to know before Anime Series Discussion.

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Title Discussion. Recent Watched Ignored Search Forum. What do i need to know before watching Mo Dao Zu Shi? I'm still kind of a newbie in regards to donghuas so what do i need to know terminology wise before watching this one? Example: I remember someone said that shidi means younger brother Nothing really. If you'll be watching with subs, there will usually be a description or explanation of what a Chinese term means.

Is that anime? — Poor lwj ... 😂 This scene is obviously taken from...

The more challenging part of watching Mo Dao is actually remembering all the character's names. Some of them could have 2 names and some even have 3 such as My Anime List :. Xealias said: Nothing really. LOL sometimes it IS hard to remember all the names. Hope you'll be more ready to watch mo dao now. You can just enjoy the show as it goes. It talks about cultivation world which relates to ghosts, corpses, etc. The story is wonderful and teary.

More Top Airing Anime 1 Haikyuu!! Xealias Offline Joined: Aug Posts: Sauce of your gif? I VE watched btth and soul land and i want more i ve also read some colored chinese manhwas fitting this genre but i d like to try some of theese 'animes' since i ve got used to the chinese voice actors and chineese vocabulary.Hide Ads Login Sign Up. Forum Settings Episode Information Forums. Mo Dao Zu Shi. Anime Series Discussion. Title Discussion.

Recent Watched Ignored Search Forum. Can't wait to see the next season. Does anyone know when exactly in it's gonna be?! My Anime List :. I absolutely loved it. This is a masterpiece. Wowwhat an amazing season it was.

But still i want to know why Jiang Cheng killed himdid i really missed or forget it if they mentioned in first 2 episodes. If not i hope they will reveal in S2. I love this anime so much. And they were absolutely stunning!! But wow, I was impressed by everything! The story is so captivating, the characters are funny, moving, badass Wen Ning And action scenes were breathtaking!! I loved it even more than Shingeki no Kyojin Season 3 although I'm a great fan of this series.

Mo Dao Zu Shi became one of my favorite animes, I can't wait for season 2! This finale was so

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