Slap and kiss korean drama

For this veteran couple, it's not about how hard you press onto each other's lips, but they set the mood right with wine, classical music, and dim lighting, ending it with soft nibbling on the lips. The boy slyly reaches for the first button but she stops him with a light touch. The romantic atmosphere and the gentle touches bring up the intensity level up by miles. Kim Soo Hyun just traveled thousand lightyears to see Jun Ji Hyunhis lover from another star and even used his super powers to stop the time to chit chat with her.

Of course, they are going to be sharing some of the most intimate, yet not so private, kisses. Very NSFW! If you are uncomfortable with watching sensual scenes, please do not watch the video! The chemistry between the two actors is indisputable. The kiss is natural and loving just as it would be with any passion-filled couple. The kiss became even more meaningful after they were revealed to be a real-life couple now broken up, sadly. But when it comes to the kiss itself, it's adorable how Yoo In Na has to lift up her heels to kiss the 6-foot-tall Ji Hyun Woo.

Nothing like a historical controversy and scandal to get things fired up. The macho charms of Yoo Ah In is heightened by the profound lines that he mutters before planting a status breaking passionate kiss on Kim Tae Hee.

Is there any Korean Drama with Slap-Kiss-Revenge like Thai Drama?

Their love knows no gender. Yoon Eun Hye and Gong Yoo confirm their unconditional love for each other when she steps into the apartment and Gong Yoo lifts her up and fervently kisses her as he makes his way into his bedroom. Lee Byung Hun cannot be passionate enough in this scene. Even after a slap on the face, he manages to swoon the alpha girl Kim Tae Hee with a seal on the lips.

However, Lee Min Ho's reassuring and intense kiss helps ease her frail heart. Yes, the kiss isn't a 'real' kiss with real feelings. But they were once lovers in the past, and it's the situation that makes the fake kiss much more intense and personal than others.

Intensity Level: 6. Log in to comment. Night Mode. Posted by mssylee 0 pt Thursday, September 25, Share this article. Hara's brother appears on news show, expresses anger towards his mother and Hara's ex-boyfriend Choi Jong Bum. Jeon So Mi makes jaws drop with her amazing abs. SHINee's twitter account implies that the group is gearing up for a comeback. Amy says she wants an apology from Wheesung after recent drug controversy. Yulhee talks about her immense pain while bearing twins. Jo Kwon shares an upsetting incident with rude fans while voting for Korea's general election.

Netizens note that Goo Hye Sun seems to be doing better in recent updates. Amazing Performances from King of Mask Singer.Beware if you find violence of any kind too disturbing! Hello there!

Asian dramas about a slap/kiss relashionship?

Let's explore the world of dramas that belong to the Slap and Kiss genre and some of my theories on what makes them so popular nowadays. This article is closely related to my previous one: Patriarchy, Abuse and Gender Roles which deals with condoned abuse in Asian dramas in general. Believe it or not, slap and kiss dramas have evolved into a genre of their own. Of course, this trope is not restricted to Asian entertainment industry only but let's focus on it for now.

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The phrase "slap and kiss" tells you everything: it is about a love-hate relationship mostly revenge-oriented in which couples bicker, fight, argue, and then end up kissing or having sex I would rather call it being raped because the woman is usually being forced by the guy.

Tragedies are not so common but also not impossible. A guy gets slapped first for either saying something nasty or doing something in the past and after that he kisses the girl or she kisses him. It is believed that the adrenaline and rage lead to passion and lust and at that moment the couple realizes their love.

It is less common than:. Kiss then slap. A romantic way to show male dominance over female purity, don't you think? Asian entertainment industry is still pretty much patriarchal and the women who are passionate and who openly show their needs are usually looked upon or portrayed as villains in dramas. Therefore, the only way to portray physical intimacy would be to have a man force himself upon a woman so she would still keep her role of being pure while he would get satisfied.

To sum up, when a heroine is forced upon, she can pass off as being "pure" and "innocent" while providing the sexual thrill at the same time. This kind of disguise won't be needed anymore once the society, especially women, start to accept the fact that sexuality is normal. Many believe that hate is not the opposite of love but of apathy. A couple's constant bickering is interpreted as frustration due to some kind of misunderstanding, which results in lust the examples would be all of the gifs in this article.

Whether it's directed towards a male or female, it is always destructive for a healthy relationship and it tends to repeat.Lakorn's, Thai drama's, are the dramas that come out of Thailand and are parallel to other Asian dramas and telenovelas. This post will contain just some basic information needed to introduce you to the world of lakorns.

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I always like to do a break down of my longer posts so, if you'd like you can skip around. My own recommendations will be mixed in as well. You may have noticed already that I tend to have a bias and recommend my favorites, I'm sorry. This is something I'm trying to get better at and am working at it in this post. Also, if not already, I plan to try and make favorites for some of the lakorns mentioned in the post or someone else may feel free to so if you become curious and wish to look them up you may easily.

I decided to start with this section as it will help you understand some of the terms I will be using for the rest of the post. These are just some of the most common themes and genres found throughout must Thai Lakorns. While Thai lakorns have basically the same genres as all other countries dramas do, Slap-Kiss is unique only to Thai lakorns.

Probably the most popular genre, Slap-Kiss Lakorns usually have a revenge plot at its base.

10 most horrifying slaps in Kdramas (Try not to laugh)

A genre that is not for the faint of heart, as it usually contains rape, attempted rape, and mental abuses. Unethical behavior and the fact the the nang'ek can fall in love with the pra'ek in the end despite the abuse, may deter some from watching.

Violence in one form or another is always included. HOWEVER, lakorns, from my experience, have gotten just a little better at diluting these situations and of course it's not all violence vs.

This genre is usually mixed with romance and some funny sounds. Like other countries, there are many romantic comedy lakorns produced yearly.

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While common between all countries, lakorns, have there own style and can be quite amusing if you get used to them. Just like other countries, these lakorns take place in the past. Probably the most popular theme found in a range of dramas. While most common in slap-kiss lakorns, this theme can also be found in any genre as well. Good lakorns that have a heavy revenge plot in them would include Sawan Biang, Sanaeha Sunya Kaen, and Pin Anong, as well the other 3 lakorns I just recommended under the slap-kiss genre.

Just like in other dramas contract marriages can also be common in lakorns. And like all of those other dramas, our koo jin learn to understand and love each other in the end.

Whether they are a result from revenge, self benefits, or forced by elders, the theme can be found in a wide range of lakorn genres. The genre this theme occurs in, will in the end have an affect on the development of their hate to love relationship.

Some Thai lakorns feature and center around the mafia. Usually the pra'ek is part of the mafia.

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However in a few cases such as in Series 5 of the 5 part Luerd Mungkorn Series, the nang'ek can also be in a gang. I haven't watched many of this theme but my favorite I did watch had to be Lueat Tat Lueat aka blood vs. A common theme where, most often, is the cause from a switched at birth trope or twin talking the place of another. In some case it is also birth right.Log in to comment. Night Mode. Posted by alim17 74 pts Wednesday, October 28, K-Drama Superlatives: Slap Scenes. Slap scenes are an integral part of any soap opera, telenovela, K-Drama, you name it.

Here are the ones ranging from funny to what did I just watch to particularly vicious. See for yourself below! Your own cheeks may very well be feeling quite red by the end stay tuned for awesome bonuses.

An added punch of spice behind that slap. That guy just be like, "Whatevs. Happens every morning. Most Denied - 'Eve's Love'. Took a page from 'Tangled.

slap and kiss korean drama

Most Triple Threat - 'Sweet Secret'. Is there a special workout for this 3-pronged attack? Most Professional Slapper - 'Glass Mask'. This woman is a professional slapper who knows how to stop a slap first then hit her at the perfect angle. Let's see that again in slow motion! Atthe lady clearly closes her eyes and turns her head before the super awkward slap hits her face. Not so good. Most Vengeful - 'Princess Aurora'. This bishhhh makin' NGs on purpose so she can take revenge slapping her co-star over and over again.

I really feel like some Caffe Bene now.This lakorn has stolen my heart. Following the accident, Kade wakes up in 17th century Ayutthaya. If this was not traumatic enough, Kade realizes everybody else hates Karakade. Karakade was now angel. Far from that. Karakade was mean-spirited and self-centered, which is what ultimately caused her death. In an attempt to kill a rival, Karakade causes an accident but ends up kiling an innocent servant instead.

Pretty much everyone suspects Karakade from the get go, including her betrothed Por Date and her future in-laws. To find the culprit, Por Date and his father perform a ritual, the moon mantra, which ends up killing the real Karakade. When Por Date and his mother realize that our girl is still alive….

This drama is angsty from beginning to end, which is totally the type of lakorn that I like. The storyline is fairly simple: Two friends and one man. Pim is the kind hearted, pious and sweet one while Jai Rerng is strong willed and a go-getter. Rerk moves next to Pim and the two quickly become friends.

Pim quickly falls for him, but our girl Jai Rerng is faster and bewitches him. Rerk one-sidedly always put her first. Jai Rerng quickly dumps Rerk to get married with someone else — Terd, a successful businessman. Rerk when he discovers that Pim and Terd are getting married. Rerk who is heartbroken gets comforted by the only person who has always been there for him.

Pim of course. The friendship grows and evolves into a romantic relationship at which point Rerk proposes to Pim. The lakorn could end here but no. Rerng moves in with the married couple supposedly because she has no where else to go. Let me pause here. This is just wild. Why would anyone let someone like Jai Rerng move into his or her house?!

Despite several warnings from her family and her own husband, Pim goes ahead and take Jai Rerng in. What a dummy Pim is…. Despite the clumsiness and the fact that she often gets yelled at by her boss K en Theradeeth!!!

slap and kiss korean drama

I trust him even less. Mook and Kim are engaged and looking forward to their future together. Second, Nuth will be able to protect her reputation. Are you weirded out? I love the cast as I have seen some of the shows they played in before but this show totally sucked. I am still not sure what was the purpose of the show was: Letting us know that cheating is alright if the person claims to love you? Although lakorns do perpetuate some misogynistic ideas, I was shocked to see this in U-Prince: Handsome Cowboy.

I expected a light-hearted romantic comedy. Maybe I was hoping to see the show end differently second male lead syndrome or I wanted to see how far the director would take the nonsense….

K-Drama Superlatives: Slap Scenes

The show is about Sibtis, a university senior and handsome player of the faculty of agriculture, who crosses path with Prikkang, a DJ and junior at the same university. The only thing is that their college encounter is actually not their first.Hi guys are you?? Loong time not seen me rigth?? Iam sorry but have been with a lot of porblms They are usually shown on prime time on Thai television channels, starting at p. An episode of a drama has two hours, including commercials. Each series is a finished story.

The series will run for about three months. It can be broadcast two or three episodes per week, being the standard from Monday to Tuesday, Wednesday-Thursday or Friday-Sunday. One channel will air three novels simultaneously at a given time each producing its own series.

Channels will compete for the most popular stars as they attract the majority of viewers. Some examples are channels 3, 5 and 7. However, there are longer lakorns with episodes but their running time is usually 40 minutes per episode.

slap and kiss korean drama

But there ones that they kiss looks like american series There are also arranged marriages, bride for money, and marriage of convenience. Revenge lakorns are pretty popular and never die with time. This is another chance to explore the gender bender theme made in Thailand. These lakorns are usually centered on celebrities so the male or the female lead should be a model, singer, or actor. These dramas are usually romantic-comedies with a stubborn celebrity as the lead.

There are some Thai lakorns here and there centered on the Mafia. The male lead is usually a part of the Mafia. These are also quite common in Thai lakorns. One fact is that normaly there is no change of charactres if someone plays a daugther is rare to play the the mum erc. Films, on the other hand, are completely different since the law dont permit nudity sexual intercourse smoking or something that can offend sensibilities No sex things are alloe in thai tv but for other hand violence is slap kiss gener.

It can be given to a couple living together; a male and female who shared a night together can be called husband and wife too. There are also these commonly used terms:.Could you recommend me an intense hate to love lakorn? It was so romantic. I loved the romance. Thanks for the suggestions. Currently watching you're my destiny I am thinking about watching game sanaeha.

I will check out lying heart. This taiwanese drama is very intense, but it isn't a slap and kiss drama per se. Still, it is one of my all time favorites:. Thankyou so much. I will check them out. I am currently watching Ra Rerng Fai.

slap and kiss korean drama

Enjoying it quite a bit so I will check out those after. Hi I'm a Thai girl! You have to watch them in orders, watch King first, followed by Flame. Their romance has a lot of tension, pull and push kinda feeling, angst and fightings! Like a reincarnation of TKW's couple! I highly recommend, too. Hope my recommendations help you, enjoy! I would recommend Hua Jai Sila if you haven't watch it yet. It's actually the only Thai lakorn I ever watched but I liked it a lot.

Then there's Well Intended Love, it's Chinese, it's not exactly what you're looking for, it's more of married first-fell in love after, but it's still nice how the get to know eachother. MDL v5.

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Feeds Articles Trailers Watch Online. TV Shows. Top Actors Add New Person. Lists Forums Contributors. Sep 15, am. Do you know any korean or chinese drama which contains slap and kiss as well?

Thank you guys looking forward to your recommendations!

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