Im ready to go back to taiwan

The Washington Free Beacon reports that China has a secret plan to be ready to invade Taiwan by While the existence of the plan does not mean that an invasion of the island republic is imminent, it does mean that the strategic option is very much on the minds of China's Communist Party leadership.

The question is: Could China's generals pull it off? The plan, which is the subject of a forthcoming book by the Project Institute think tankwas first made public by Taiwan's Defense Ministry in The book draws upon official Chinese People's Liberation Army documents, both public and leaked, and will paint a picture of what an invasion would look like.

It would also involve the Rocket Force, responsible for the country's conventional and nuclear ballistic missile forces. The island nation of Taiwan, also known as the Republic of China, was created in when Chinese nationalist forces evacuated the mainland and ceded it to the victorious Chinese Communist Party. The island country has evolved into a strong and vibrant democracy.

Taiwan enjoys military protection from the United States, which believes that the people of Taiwan have the right of self-determination but that eventually the island and the mainland should settle their political differences peacefully. China, on the other hand, sees Taiwan as a rogue or breakaway province that is still technically part of China.

According to the book, the government of Xi Jinping and the PLA both believe that unification by force is the only way to ensure control of Taiwan returns to Beijing. The invasion timetableas posted by the Free Beaconanticipates a pre-invasion bombardment lasting anywhere from one to fifteen days.

Prior to the invasion, Taiwan would be subject to a massive bombardment by ballistic missiles, cruise missiles, and bombers against military targets on the island.

Up to 1, ballistic missiles belonging to the PLA Rocket Forces alone are stationed on the mainland within range of the island, and Chinese naval vessels and bombers could launch DH land attack cruise missiles.

It would also execute cyberattacks against Taiwan's infrastructure, paralyzing the government and demoralizing the civilian population. The People's Liberation Army Navy would defeat the Taiwanese navy at sea and implement a naval blockade.

The invasion itself would last anywhere from four to seven days and involve up toPeople's Liberation Army troops. The first phase, loading the invasion transports, would take one or two nights.

im ready to go back to taiwan

The actual seaborne invasion, including making the 90 mile crossing from the mainland to Taiwan, sweeping for mines, and landing the first of two waves of troops, would take a day. Consolidating the beachheads and pushing inland would take one to three days, with Taiwan's government apparently falling at the end.I have to admit, my partner started suggesting I return to work well before I was actually ready to say the words.

Financially, it was something our family needed, and by the time I was ready to go back to work I was definitely ready for him to say any number of these things every grown-ass man says when hearing " I'm ready to go back to work. Whether you take a few months or a few years, going back to work after becoming mom is no small undertaking. You have percent more responsibilities that tend to take over at least half of your brain at any given moment.

Letting them go and in order to focus fully on work is a task that takes a certain amount of getting used to. Having a partner on board with making that transition as smooth as possible can make all the difference. I headed back to work a few weeks agoand would likely have been ready around the time my daughter turned one.

The new routine is slowly forming, although it does feel like a more intense marathon than the daily life of being a stay-at-home mom. My routine getting ready to head to work now involves an entire other human! Luckily, my partner and I have had productive conversations about what allows all the moving pieces to flow together so that we can all get to where we need to go and be relatively on time.

Lead with this, for sure. I mean, unless your partner gave birth a week agoin which case it might be more of a cry for help and you should maybe proceed with caution. Support, first and foremost, is what a mom who's decided she's ready to go back to work needs. After initial excitement, move on to working together to make it happen. What are the best ways to make it work for your family? Does someone need to go part-time in order to make.

Annoyingly, sometimes both parents working doesn't make total financial sense. And sometimes a mama loves her job so much that it doesn't matter that paying for daycare means you only break even. However, considering the options for who stays home and what that means for your finances is important. I wouldn't lead with this, because there might not be a way to keep the edge of expectation that she stay home out of the question, but it's a valid question that bears a thoughtful conversation.

If you have talked about what the plan might be previously, it might not even be necessary.

im ready to go back to taiwan

But if your partner announces she's ready to head to work and you haven't had that discussion, now's the time. Going back to work after having a baby or adopting one, even is a big change.My biggest goal in life has been learning to speak my truth — out loud.

im ready to go back to taiwan

And there are times I pretty much still suck at it. My latest virtual book club was no exception. The conversation quickly went from thoughts about the book to moments of misery as a mother during quarantine. Everything from the struggles of homeschooling to the endless ways it takes to get a grocery delivery time slot were recounted. Everyone was swapping tales of how hard this all is. And I know those struggles, because I live them too. I remember so clearly the week before my family went into quarantine.

I was driving to work and felt a familiar tightness in my chest. I had to force myself to breathe. I mentally went through how good my life was and I told myself there was no reason for this anxiety.

I had a job I loved, a side business that was taking off, three healthy children, and a loving husband. When I needed help I had a support system of people who were always willing to lend a hand. Being busy led to guilt. It seemed like vacations were the only time I slowed down and felt the presence of being with them. The thoughts would race through my head, wondering if I had spent enough time with them during the day.

The answer always felt like no. When I got up in the morning to drive my daughter to daycare I would reach behind my seat, grab her foot and just hold onto it, trying to soak in as much as I could before we parted ways.

I knew it had to change. I wanted it to change.

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But no matter how much I focused on paring things down, we were still busy. For the past six weeks we have been home. And before I get to the magical glorious moments, I should be clear that it has been as real for me as it has been for everyone else.

The yelling — to get off the Xbox, to clean up your breakfast, to leave me alone for five minutes — happens daily.

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And the news, well, that breaks my heart. So much so that I make my husband and sister filter it for me. When my children want to tell me one more thing before bed, I let them. When they want to stay up late to watch a movie or play a game, we do. Family dinners? They happen every night.Late Rep. NIH Director Dr. Francis Collins stressed in a TIME Talk that the final product will be safe despite the speed at which it's being produced. For many who have spent their lives fighting for racial equity in the U.

President Trump has loosened the reins on local police departments, rolling back many reform measures that the Obama Administration had championed to improve police accountability. This is about true reparations. This is about investment in communities'. The protests could be a political bonanza for Democrats, galvanizing its most reliable voting bloc and boosting voter registration. But it's not clear whether the party is poised to take advantage, especially at the national level.

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America Is in Crisis. That's Not New for Many. TIME spent a month inside a hospital in Brooklyn to see how the coronavirus outbreak played out within its walls as it treated more than 2, patients. Yes, COVID deaths are down, but hospitalization rates, which have been a predictor of deaths to come, are spiking.

One of the more insidious features of the new coronavirus is its ability to settle into unsuspecting hosts who never show signs of being sick but are able to spread the virus.

Hundreds of thousands have died, healthcare systems are buckling, and the future is uncertain for millions of people whose livelihoods are collapsing. It is absolutely right that the. President Trump is taking more aggressive steps to enforce control over the levers of executive authority in an attempt to squash what he sees as internal threats to his re-election.

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Joe Biden has treated the last week as an audition for the American people, demonstrating his vision of how a President should behave through a national crisis. When asked how they feel about the state of the U. Refinance lenders are ratcheting up their standards and effectively shutting out everyone but those with the best credit, according to industry experts.

In light of the COVID pandemic, personal finance pros say credit counseling services can be a risk-free lifeline for all types of people.

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Howard Koh. Mark Sklansky has always hated shaking hands. He can think of about a dozen better ways to greet patients than the icky exchange.I'm currently looking for a full-time job. While I built up to this decision gradually over the past year or so, this summer I began to experience all the tell-tale signs that it was time to take the plunge. If you're wavering over whether or not to get back into the work force, here are five signs that you might be ready:.

You feel wistful when you watch others go to work. I ran into a friend the other morning just before school drop-off who was dressed to the nines. Because I, too, wanted to be darting out the door to somewhere important. Instead, I'd be heading upstairs to my home office, where I can at best manage a saunter from my bathroom to the computer. My husband and I have an expression for that feeling you get when you order something at a restaurant and then immediately regret it when your dinner partner's plate arrives.

We call it "order envy.

CDC to ease back-to-work rules for people who self-isolate after coronavirus contact

When you run into a friend who's rushing to jump on the Tube or furiously tapping out a message on her Blackberry or leaving early from the PTA meeting because she's got a conference call - and you actually feel envious rather than relief that you don't have her life - you know that you're ready to look for a job.

You put too much energy into projects that don't require it. I saw a friend of mine back in the States recently whose wife had just gone back to work after seven plus years at home with their kids. That was fast! But mostly, he told me, he felt that - in her particular case - the energy she was going to pour into their kitchen could be more fruitfully deployed somewhere else.

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Happily for their marriage, she agreed. I could easily imagine a less diplomatic response. In my own case, lack of gainful employment tends to make me over-invest in my kidswhich is unhealthy both for them and for me.

You finally buy a smart phone. Yeah, I know. I'm probably the Last of the Mohicans here, but until about three weeks ago, I'd gone five years with a generic, no-bells-and-whistles cell phone, even while iPhone mania raged all around me.

This decision was partly driven by my husband's well-founded fear that if I ever got my hands on a smart phone, the family would never see me again.

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But mostly it was driven by the fact that without a full-time, out-of-home job, I didn't really feel that I needed one. In anticipation of the coming Tube rides and conference calls-on-the-go see 1however, I'm now the proud owner of an HTC Desire. You get active on Linked In. If you're not a member of the social networking giant, Linked InI heartily recommend that you join.

Linked In is a fabulous tool for building professional relationships of all sorts. But it's also - perhaps even primarily - a great way to find a job. A freelance writer friend of mine here in London recently found full-time employment via Linked In. She swears by the free! You need to be a member to view. As I write this, I just went and updated my profile. Coffee mornings no longer appeal to you.

The flip-side of having "order envy" vis a vis your friends' jobs is that you will also start to find coffee mornings tiresome.The best way to avoid the novel coronavirus is to stay at home for as long as possible.

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Wash your hands often, disinfect surfaces, and wear face masks of any kind when going out for supplies. Social distancing will limit the spread of the virus and prevent the collapse of hospitals, but some people still have to go to work, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention CDC is about to loosen back-to-work guidelines for people who have been isolating themselves after being exposed to the virus.

The people will also have to wear a face mask and test their temperature twice a day under the new rules. The new guidelines target employees at critical jobs and follow recommendations made by the CDC for medical workers who were exposed to the virus. Healthcare professionals who treated patients without equipment and who showed no symptoms after 14 days were allowed to return to work under the same rules: Use masks, which is mandatory for anyone treating COVID patients, and temperature checks.

The new proposal targets essential personnel for other services, but could be a basis for recommendations that could apply to the general public in the future. The novel coronavirus has killed more than 83, people around the world, of which almost 13, have been in the US. The global case count reached 1. The CDC is expected to issue new back-to-work guidelines for essential personnel who may have been self-isolating at home after coming in contact with a coronavirus case.

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Tags: coronaviruscovid Chris Smith started writing about gadgets as a hobby, and before he knew it he was sharing his views on tech stuff with readers around the world. Whenever he's not writing about gadgets he miserably fails to stay away from them, although he desperately tries.

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But that's not necessarily a bad thing. Share Tweet. SpaceX says farewell to the original Dragon. This is great news about the next round of stimulus checks By Andy Meek 1 day ago.Room was on 4th floor with great view of ocean. I enjoyed eating breakfast and lunch at Emily's. The service was great all around the hotel. I enjoy seeing my friends and the general atmosphere of the place. This was a last minute getaway and the Quinault was one of the few hotels that had vacancies for our time period.

The other hotels that were open we well below my standards so we took a chance here.

im ready to go back to taiwan

What little interaction I had with the staff was friendly and professional. Although the door guys do seem a bit bored with their chosen profession. Because of the casino, the smell of smoke was there on the first floor. Our room was on the 2nd floor and couldn't smell it until we got to the first. It's a casino, have you ever been to Vegas? The room was very nice and clean. The bed, while subjective to each individual, was soft for me and I slept well. At night, they turn on huge spotlights pointing to the beach.

It's impossible to sleep with the curtains open. Closed, they block the light. The walk to the beach is short.

Breakfast was not included with our room. For the price I would expect it. I've stayed at cheaper hotels Embassy Suites, Drury Inn that have a very good breakfast included with the room. We enjoyed our stay and will be coming back. The resort was nice enough.

We were supposed to be able to check in at 4 P. It was a handicap room and I didn't want to change it as it was necessary to have the handicap accessories. The location of the resort was nice - within walking distance of the ocean. It was an okay room spacious and it had a fireplace. The view was great, but that was pretty much it.

Nothing special. The biggest problem I had was the kids. No help from management at all.

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