2 month body transformation female

We've all seen those body transformation stories and impressive 'before' and 'after' pics on Insta - when someone you follow is proudly sharing an incredible achievement. But, often, behind the wide smile and fresh gym kitthere's an inspiring story still to be told about how they embarked on their journey to a healthier self. If you're in need of a little motivation to tweak your lifestyle for the better, you're in exactly the right place. We've searched high and low for the most empowering personal accounts of women who have got in the best shape of their lives - whether that has been losing fatgaining weight, boosting their fitness or improving their diet.

My 2 Month Transformation: My Training Plan & Schedule

Using different exercise and nutrition approaches and a positive mindsetthese 32 females prove that life-changing injuries, illnesses, low self-esteem and other huge life challenges like motherhood, heartbreak and grief, should be no barrier to feeling good about yourself.

Following sexual assault, Beth began cognitive behavioural therapy, in which her therapist helped her unpick how she had been subconsciously punishing her body for the attack with misplaced self-loathing.

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Leading to her body transformation. Read more here. Reflecting on her transformation, Martinez said: 'Not only physically — though I did become leaner and stronger — but in my mind, too. I felt strong, and I looked it. Her theory to working out?

2 month body transformation female

After ending a toxic relationship, Justine decided to overhaul her unhealthy lifestyle. Read more about her body transformation. Following the death of her dad, Fiona gained three stone. She got back in shape by getting her portions under control, working out with a personal trainer, and doing HIIT, weights and yoga classes. An ankle injury left Anna unable to train - leading her to reach a size She got back on track by reducing snacking, taking up netball, and doing a mix of cardio and strength training in the gym.

After years of yo-yo dieting and no exercise, Amanda decided to achieve her fat loss goal once and for all. She introduced lean meats and veggies into her diet, started running with the Couch to 5k app, and now does everything from HIIT and strength training, to yoga and boxing. Within six years she lost - and kept off - lbs.What even is a "bikini body"?

Jenna: So, I work out a lot. Like, six days a week, some days two-a-days — a lot. I recently found out that one of the reasons I wasn't seeing the results I wanted was due to I know, I know, I'm so LA.

But it's legit, I swear! So I have had to adjust to a gluten-free diet. I want to feel comfortable in my own skin again.

10 Incredible Body Transformation Stories

I like to think I eat pretty healthy, but now that gluten is no longer a part of my life, I am hoping that this bikini series challenge and nutrition plan will help me to learn how to eat better on my newfound food restrictions, tone up my midsection, and more importantly, boost my confidence level. Let's be real, though. I am from Hawaii and I will be rocking my bikini this summer no matter what!

Any body is a bikini body.

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Krista: I'm a working mom, so my workout is basically whenever I can squeeze it in. And by "workout" I mean running.

2 month body transformation female

Running is a stress reliever for me and pretty much the only type of physical activity I do, which ends up being 2 miles about three times a week. The real reason I am challenging myself to do this is to get healthy and not feel so bloated all the time.

I have a horrible addiction to diet soda and snacking on sugary sweets in the evenings. I also would like to feel more toned. I don't necessarily want to lose weight — I just want to tone up my body and feel more energized. Macey: Sooo, I work out never. I just turned 27, so I wanted to challenge myself to eat healthy and exercise regularly for once in my life.

Plus, being apathetic about life and health really isn't that cool anymore to me, at least. I've been feeling sluggish and, honestly, pretty low-spirited about a lot of things, so hopefully this will jump-start my system.It works on a system of guilt and restriction which leaves you constantly hungry, craggy and bored. But Nikki Rees is proof that taking a much more relaxed approach to healthy eating and exercise is far more conducive to a toned body than a strict diet.

I bought a super tight, figure hugging dress, convincing myself that this was exactly what I needed — that if I could squeeze myself into this dress, I would feel good about myself. I got a spray tan, I painted my nails, I blew out my hair and I armed myself with a pair of super strength tummy control Spanx.

By the time my second Bellini arrived, my overly full breastfeeding boobs were on the verge of exploding out of the top of my low cut dress and my tummy had forced its way over the top of my spanks which had now rolled right down, creating weird looking bulges amplified by a too-tight dress. All that yummy food would actually fuel my EXCUSES to quit exercise, to not bother balancing the treats out with nutritious alternatives.

Woman’s body transformation is proof you don’t need a strict diet or scales to get lean

And that post has been liked over 5, by people thankful to see that you can be toned and slim without giving up your old life. You must perform the hardest version of all the exercises perfectly and never make them any easier. I never gave myself the grace to just try, to be a beginner, to start with a little and build up. I generally workout for 28 mins in my living room with my now 2-year-old and it just works for me.

I also wish I had known how powerful and motivational it can be to see results in pictures, rather than numbers. You see so many more little changes earlier on — things the scale can never tell you.

That was pretty much me every other week. MORE: Six one-day and weekend fitness festivals to boost your summer wellness goals. MORE: We asked fitness professionals whether yoga does actually aggravate injuries or not. Follow Metro. The Fix The daily lifestyle email from Metro. Sign up. Share this article via facebook Share this article via twitter Share this article via messenger Share this with Share this article via email Share this article via flipboard Copy link.

Share this article via comment Share this article via facebook Share this article via twitter. Today's Best Discounts.Ready to jumpstart your own body transformation? Try this sample weight lifting plan for women workout from Shannon Dey, M.

But if you want to sculpt, tone, and firm your entire body—including those pesky trouble spots—this is your ultimate blueprint. Designed for an intermediate athlete, the following plan is inspired by the programs Dey creates for her Figure and Bikini competition clients.

This week-by-week training plan switches up the workouts you perform to prevent plateauing and help challenge your body to its maximum potential. As with most fitness plans, prescriptions may need to be tailored to your specific needs and goals. Always consult a physician before beginning any fitness or weight loss program.

The Three-Month Body Transformation Workout Plan

These cardio workouts are intended to be tough. Push yourself a bit further each day until you can do the entire session at the pace listed. It may take a few weeks of building endurance to be able to complete the entire session.

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You know you are working at the right level if you are not able to talk on the phone, or read a book, Dey says. Treadmill Intervals: Complete the rotation below seven times for a total of 35 minutes.

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If the speed becomes too easy, increase the rate. Bike Intervals: Complete the rotation below six times for a total of minutes. Only do one weight training session per day. Dey recommends breaking up the weight training and cardio sessions for morning and night. However, if you must do your both sessions at the same time, complete the weight training first. All the moves listed here are designed to be performed quickly, but with good form.

Most of these sessions include supersets, which means the exercises and their repetitions listed should be performed back-to-back, without rest.

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Do the following exercises four times in a circuit, without resting between moves. Rest 1 minute between rounds. Don't play roulette with your health.By Kerry Mcdermott For Mailonline. A woman has revealed how she managed to achieve her incredible body transformation in just over three months. Seana, who gained weight after four years of eating junk food and avoiding the gym at university, says she went from over 11 stone to less than nine after waking up one day and facing 'the reflection of a person I didn't want to be'.

Seana Forbes' selfies reveal what a difference three months can make. The Scottish marketing manager has gone from weighing over 11 stone to less than nine after twice daily workouts. The year-old gained weight after four years of junk food and no exercise at university. Seana used a fitness app to lose the weight, getting up an hour earlier every morning to fit two thirty minute circuit training sessions around her daily schedule.

I started waking up an hour earlier to train before work and did not allow things like rain, darkness or cold weather stop me. But after the workout the answer was yes every time. Marketing manager Seana Forbes, 25, from Tain in Scotland, went from over 11 stone to less than nine in three months, using a fitness app. Seana kept track of her changing body as she underwent a dramatic lifestyle overhaul.

Once a sporty schoolgirl, Seana said she gained weight at university. Seana is a dead ringer for Hollywood actress Amber Heard after her lightning transformation. The once unhappy graduate could now give any Instagram fitness model a run for their money.

Seana says she found changing her diet tougher than tackling twice daily workouts. She downloaded the Freeletics body app and started getting up an hour earlier each day to work out. Seana admitted the change in nutrition was much harder mentally than the exercise. I found the change in nutrition harder to deal with than the training,' she said. Seana noticed a change in herself within a few weeks and loves her new body so much she has kept her exercise routine up.

I think it was after week four when the first person told me that my face had changed a lot and become thinner. For me it wasn't until week six or seven. Seana says she has realised she actually enjoys exercise, thanks to her daily workout sessions. Seana's advice for anyone who wants to lose weight is just to be patient and keep at it. I'm more driven at work and outgoing in my social life.

It's never too late, too dark or too cold to start. It takes time and a lot of patience and dedication. Small steps every day like waking up thirty minutes earlier to train, cutting out sugar in your coffee or taking the stairs instead of the elevator.

So stick in there. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline.

2 month body transformation female

Argos AO. Scroll down for video. Share this article Share. Share or comment on this article: Scottish woman transforms her body in 12 weeks with twice daily workouts e-mail Comments 62 Share what you think. View all. Bing Site Web Enter search term: Search.The murder weapon? And be sure to keep Charlie going with inspiring messages on our Facebook page and on Twitter.

Trink of Peak Performance was the most strongly recommended. Expertise and credentials aside, Trink understands the challenges people face. After losing 50 pounds in five months, Trink wanted to inspire others. The diet protocol will be high protein, low carbohydrate and medium fat. Acceptable Protein Sources Skinless poultry chicken, hen, turkey Lean beef sirloin, round, lean ground Lean pork tenderloin Any game meats venison, elk, bison, antelope, boar, etc.

Full fat Greek yogurt Whey protein powder post weight training only Eggs preferably Omega 3 eggs. Carbohydrate Guidelines All vegetables are encouraged with the exception of potatoes. Other starchy veggies, such as root vegetables and squashes, are acceptable, but must be kept to a minimum. One to two pieces of fruit each day are acceptable in the beginning. Beverage Guidelines Beverages may include one cup of coffee per day one packet of Stevia sweetener is permitted, as is one tablespoon of heavy cream with no milk.

All other beverage consumption should be water, with exception to the post-workout whey protein shake. Two total body workouts twice per week, alternating upper and lower body exercises. Two to three sets of 10 to 12 repetitions of each exercise will be performed. Rep speed and rest periods will be monitored and manipulated over the eight weeks. At the end of each workout, either a three-exercise strongman circuit or interval work will be performed.

Some progress slowly, some crush it out of the box. Projected Fat Mass Lost: 11 lbs. Projected Lean Mass Gained: 2 lbs. Projected Fat Mass Lost: 19 lbs. Projected Lean Mass Gained: 4. For access to exclusive gear videos, celebrity interviews, and more, subscribe on YouTube! Meet Charlie Romano Sr.

Body Fat: Squat: 80 lbs. Shoulder Press: lbs. Deadlift: lbs. The last feeding should happen a minimum of two hours before bed.Complete 15 reps of each exercise, moving from one to the next with little or no rest between.

Total-Body Transformation - Month 2 - Women's Health

Complete as many rounds as you can in 15 minutes, stopping to rest only when you can no longer complete your reps with proper form. Grab a pair of dumbbells and stand to the right of a step. Cross your right foot in front of your body and place it flat on the step. Press down with your right foot to push yourself up until both legs are straight. Lower your body back to the starting position. That's one rep.

Finish all reps, then switch sides and repeat. Get into a pushup position with your arms straight, core tight, and body forming a straight line from head to heels. Lift your right foot off the floor, raise your knee toward your chest, touch the floor with your right foot, then return to start. Repeat on the left side. Continue alternating. Hold a pair of dumbbells at your shoulders and stand with your feet hip-width apart.

Push your hips back and lower into a squat, keeping your chest upright and your knees over your toes. As you push through your heels to return to standing, press the dumbbells overhead. Lower the weights to return to the starting position. Stand with your feet slightly wider than hip-width apart and hold a medicine ball overhead. With your arms slightly bent and back flat, brace your core and slam the ball onto the ground between your feet, bending your knees as you follow through.

Quickly squat, pick up the ball, then return to start. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. More From Workout Advice.

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